Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet Bev Fullmer

We like to call Bev "The new kid on the block" or "new kid on the phone". Bev is the newest member of our office staff. Among her responsibilities, Bev helps with phone orders, and greets visitors (we hope you will visit one day) as they come the front door of our workplace.
As part of our training, we start every employee in the warehouse to learn our products. Bev took her turn for the first few months and found that experience very beneficial.
"It helped a lot to work in the warehouse. I learned the numbering systems and the products. I now feel better prepared to answer customers' questions when they call on the phone." she said.

Originally from California, Bev is married and the mother of 5 children and 13 grandchildren.
She has a extensive background in sewing and quilting. "I made my first quilt when I was 8. It was a doll quilt and I still have it." She worked for a decorator making custom bedspreads and window treatments, and has made 6 wedding dresses. Bev also spent many years as a volunteer doing Humanitarian work for her church.

Bev and her husband retired to St. George four years ago to join two of their daughters who live in the area. Since her arrival she made costumes for Tuacahn Amphitheatre for the Performing Arts. We are so happy to have Bev join us as part of the Superior Threads Team.
When asked what her favorite part of working here, she replied "I love all the products, and the new things that are always coming in. I love the people I work with. It's an awesome company that is run well, and treats their employees well with great incentive programs. They are very focused on educating their staff and the world on threads. As I observed through the interview process, I could see this is a company that is going some place, and it was very appealing."

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