Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Using a Long Arm

Texture Magic comes in many size cuts from Superior Threads. You can buy it in 1/2 yard packages, 1 yard packages, custom cut yardage, and even on a 230 yard bolt.
How ever you feel most comfortable using Texture Magic, we have plenty available to meet your needs.

Our thanks today goes to Gayle McKay of Gayle's Gallery, for sharing with us a tutorial on how she used Texture Magic with her long arm machine.
First she layered fabric, batting and Texture Magic, and then basted them together in a sandwich on her long arm.

"I then quilted the piece. The key is to have fairly dense quilting to get more texture." she said.

The front side.

You then steam on the Texture Magic side. Gayle used her 35 year old Steamstress that she feels still works well. Knowing that most of us do not have access to a Steamstress, Gayle added "You can always use a regular iron that steams. You can literally see it shrink before your eyes."

"See the Magic?" Gayle exclaimed. "I can see a lot of possibilities for this product. I will use this one to make a pillow."
Gayle is an art quilter, traditional quilter, longarm machine quilter and teacher. She and her husband Steve, who is also an accomplished quilter, have a small herd of cows and enjoy a peaceful country living.
You can reach Gayle at mazonsquilting@certainty.net


  1. That's really cool. I'll have to see it in person some time.


  2. Another new, fun product from you ! Thanks to Gayle for the tutorial.


  3. I can't wait to try this.Thank you Gayle for such great instructions.