Friday, November 20, 2009

Marilyn Badger Judges for IQA/ Houston

Note: Marilyn Badger lives in our town, St. George, Utah. Many years ago, she helped us design a range of colors to include in our Rainbows line.
When Marilyn Badger was asked to be one of the three judges for International Quilt Festival in Houston (IQA) this year, she felt very honored. Marilyn is an award-winning quilter and this is the first time she has been approached to judge a show as prestigious as IQA. "First I had to check with my partner Claudia Clark Meyers," Marilyn said. "Being a judge at IQA meant we could not submit a quilt this year and I had to make sure Claudia was comfortable with that."
Claudia was very supportive of Marilyn's opportunity and encouraged her to accept the offer.

Marilyn, along with fellow judges Sue Nickels and Linda Roy, went to Houston in August for their assignment.
"We worked 12-hour days for three days straight and judged around 350 quilts. All three of us judged each quilt individually. We were given list of criteria and would sometimes defer to each other's expertise in rating specific areas," Marilyn said.
As judges, the trio were offered a lot of help by the IQA staff. Many of the quilts in the initial judging were lying flat on a table. By the time the selection was narrowed down to the Mastery category, the quilts were held up by staff members or displayed for viewing.
Marilyn enjoyed working with the Mastery Awards the most. "This was a real pleasant experience. Just being up there close with all the quilts was wonderful. Even after three days of judging and we were at the end, I told them to 'bring on some more'. In Houston I knew I was seeing the best of the best."