Monday, November 23, 2009

The School of Theadology Is Now Open!

The School of Threadology is now open in our new location and we had a wonderful time hosting our first session.

Participants from all over the United States came for three days of seminars and lectures.
In addition to instruction, our guests received class supplies, a 100-page education manual, a lot of thread, staff help, and the use of a new Bernina 730. Even meals were provided.

Bob and Heather taught several classes on thread education, thread use, and thread effects. We also had two hands-on sewing classes, one using Texture Magic and one using Charlotte's fusible Web (fusible thread for applique.)

One of our seminars included Color Science by Mother Superior where we discussed color and design.

Our guests were very interested in seeing some of the clothing items made with Superior Threads. The green silk coat was a favorite.

Many of our quilts have been gifts from artists who have helped us in the design of our threads.
This was a tribute to our King Tut line.

We strive to provide the highest comfort for our students at the School of Threadology. All participants used an ergonomic $500 Heavenly Sewing Chair. It really does make a difference. No sore body parts after a full day of learning and creating.

Jeanne Delpit, Director of National Events for Bernina USA, joined us for the opening session of our School.

Thank you Bernina for generously furnishing the School of Threadology with Bernina 730s for our students use.
Future sessions are scheduled in February, April, and June and beyond. Please join us.


  1. That all sounds so wonderful,Hope to come soon.

  2. Congratulations on your opening. I wish you all the best for the future. If ever visiting the USA I will definately book for a session.
    New Zealand