Monday, November 2, 2009

New NiteLite/ SunBurst Color Card

What's New:
We now offer a new NiteLite/ SunBurst Color Card.
Our newest color card is a combination card of both NiteLite ExtraGlow glow-in-the-dark thread and SunBurst (sunlight-activated color-changing thread). The color card made with the actual thread contains six colors of NiteLite and eight colors of SunBurst.
Take the card outside into the sunlight and all eight colors of SunBurst change instantly and stay.
Take the card into a dark room and the NiteLite ExtraGlow colors glow. As with all our thread cards, this is made with the actual thread and sold at our production cost of $3.
For best effect, it is important to put a lot of thread in the areas intended to glow or change colors. A single meandering stitch will not be visible. Embroidery fill stitches, satin stitches, and free motion "use lots of thread" stitches work best.
Have fun with these! Bob's pillowcase glows at night (and not because he is afraid of the dark). There's a special message embroidered on it with NiteLite ExtraGlow thread.

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