Friday, November 27, 2009

Class Time with John Flynn

For the opening session of the School of Threadology, John Flynn was our guest teacher for one day. I think John is best known for having his name on a line of thread . . . . So Fine! How cool is that?

The new class rooms in the School of Threadology offer plenty of room for instruction.

John showed us many tips and techniques he has developed over the years.

Of course, I wanted to take his class along with all the other participants. I like to tell John that I am President of his fan club.

Individual instruction is so helpful.

We worked on John's pattern "Storm at Sea."

He provided pre-cut kits that had been laser cut.

Some of John's variations of "Storm At Sea."

The straight lined seams end up looking like curves, creating an optical illusion.

Thank you for coming John! It was so nice to have you with us for the opening of our School.

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