Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet Carrie Colvin

Carrie joined our Superior office staff last year and has become an important part of our team. She helps with wholesale accounts, all office work, phone orders, and bobbin inventory.
"We do have our own specific responsibilities," she said, "but all of us are so intermingled, we help each other where needed."
"I enjoy working for a company where the customers who call in are happy because they love our products. They make my day better and I enjoy making their day better." Carrie said.

Carrie is married and the mother of five children. Her family takes up most of her free time, but if she has a spare moment, she loves to scrapbook and is a rock hound. She also loves computers, which also makes her job enjoyable.
Raised in Arizona and Washington, Carrie and her husband settled in St. George because it was a centralized location between family and they love the warm weather (no snow here, folks).
Carrie's background is in secretarial work and warehouse work. Her mother owned a clothing business as she was growing up and Carrie helped with a lot of the sewing. "It's only natural that I would want to work for a thread company. Everything on my resume came together and fit so perfectly into my position now." she said.
"I love my job. After a day, I go home happy. That is what I want."

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  1. I want to work for Superior Threads!! I'd even give up retirement (10 years) for it. Everyone seems to have such as good time there and get along so well. Unfortunately, since I live in Ohio, it would be a heck of a commute.