Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Ready For The Houston Show

We have been working hard, packing and getting ready for the Houston Show.

This is our busiest time of year with many events scheduled in September and October.
There is a science, with years of planning, in trying to anticipate how much product to pack.
We realize that many of you have waited a long time to attend a particular show, and desire to stock up on Superior Threads. Service is our number one goal, and we want to offer you as complete a selection as possible throughout the event.

Ryan and Yeimy, our Show Management Team, have spent the last two months in preparation. They work hard trying to make sure that everything is perfect for each booth. There are many incoming pallets from previous shows that need to be unloaded, and then repacked for the next event.

Some will be sent to Houston, others to Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California, and others will go to Ohio.

Ryan and Yeimy have put together a detailed file list that they have organized and check carefully to make sure every item that is needed goes on the pallet.
They love working together and enjoy the support from each other. What one doesn't think of, the other does.

Ryan wants to especially make sure that his wife Yeimy pulls her weight.

She can carry 5 to Ryan's 1.
(OK- in reality, those boxes were empty. Ryan just likes to tease a lot.)

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