Monday, October 12, 2009

Silk Coat Part 2/ The Fitting

I have been looking for a long time to find someone locally who would be able to tailor clothing. The other day as I was driving with my daughter "J" through a round-about, I saw a van in front of me with a window banner that advertised custom made wedding dresses. Frantically I began to search in the car for a piece of paper and pen so I could write down the phone number listed on the car.
We stayed in the round-about maneuvering closely behind the van as I attempted to follow, steer and write the number all at the same time. It made for a good laugh between but I was successful in getting Vickie's number.

I gave Vickie the green silk fabric that was previously quilted by Judi of Green Fairy Quilts.
Because the quilting in the fabric makes for a lightly stiffer piece, and doesn't allow much drape, we used the pieces selectively in this coat. I still have to be able to move and bend down without popping seams.

Vickie came to our office for the final fitting.

I will have this in time to wear to our Houston show.

Judi used Superior Metallic #24 Green Apple for the stitching. Vickie used So Fine #450 Spring Green to sew it all together. We discovered also that using the 550 yd. spools on the serger worked great. I had always thought of cones when sewing with a serger but this thread unwinds beautifully over the top as it is a really smooth polyester. That way I can match my fabric color exactly without too much cost. I still had a lot of thread left on the spool.
Coming Soon: Part 3/The Finished Coat.


  1. Amazing, beautiful, etc. etc.!!

  2. Wow! You're sure to make the best-dressed list of the show. Her quilting is exquisite!

  3. I love the idea of only using the quilted fabric for the front & back. Smart! It is beautiful!!