Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meet Amber Every

Meet Amber Every, one member of our Superior Staff. When you call in, it might be Amber's pleasant voice you hear on the other end, answering your questions and taking your order.

Amber began working at Superior when she was 17, right out of high school. She worked for two years, married Josh (who is now our warehouse manager), and then went away to Brigham Young University to further her education.
We are so happy to have both Amber and Josh back working with us. Amber's responsibilities with Superior Threads include phone orders, customer service, updating the Store Locator, and whatever else is needed in a busy day at the office.
Amber says she loves working at Superior Threads because she feels the environment is uplifting and fun. "I find my work very educational. We not only learn about the products, but I've learned more about Customer Service and basic business principles than I've ever learned in my business classes," she said.
Amber continues to pursue her education and is currently working on a degree in Elementary Education. She is very happy to be back in St. George, Utah. "We love this area, and the people here. This is where Josh and I met," Amber continued.
In her spare time, Amber loves to read, bake, ride her road bike together with her husband Josh, and run. Last year she trained and ran in the St. George Marathon.

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  1. Hi Amber.
    I love reading about your employees. Make it personal. And I look forward to Texture Magic Tuesdays. I love that stuff. Dang, it's expensive. Need to be ever so careful with it. But it is heavenly.