Monday, October 19, 2009

Marilyn Badger Recommendation

"Superior Threads has an extensive selection of high quality thread"

Professional longarm quilting machines have considerably more power than a home sewing machine. Therefore the thread we use must be of high quality to avoid problems with breakage and shredding. Strength is one of the reasons why I love Superior Threads. With the one-inch variegation's and dazzling selection of colors, the colors in the Rainbows line have always been my favorite.

I was delighted when asked to design 10 new color combinations within the Rainbows line for my Color Concepts by Marilyn Badger collection. Because these particular colors have no high and low contrasts, they blend well with any fabric. Superior Threads also has a solid line of thread, Highlights, all color-coordinated with colors in the Rainbows collection. These solid colors are made of the same high quality trilobal polyester and have a beautiful sheen to them. I use a coordinating color of Highlights or The Bottom Line in the bobbin.

When making a sparkling reversible thread garment, I recommend using Superior's decorative Halo thread in the bobbin with the Rainbows Color Concepts in the top. The result is stunning! Superior's Dissolve 4x heavy duty water soluble stabilizer is a fabulous product for such projects.
The extensive selection of high quality thread offered by Superior Threads has made a very positive contribution to my endeavors as a professional longarm machine quilter and educator.

Marilyn Badger

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