Friday, October 2, 2009

John Flynn's Recommendation

Imagine a thread with the look and feel of cotton, but without the lint. That is exactly what So Fine! is -- an extra soft #50/3-ply polyester thread that is etched in order to give it the look and feel of cotton thread.

With the look of cotton and the strength of poly, this thread allows us to quilt without all the lint and thread breaks we would get with a similar size cotton thread. The range of colors blend beautifully into the fabric, showing off your stitching. It was important to me to learn that Superior's spools are designed to spin freely on the machine so there is no friction or drag to interfere with the top thread tension. This is a great thread that comes on 3,280 yard cones and on 550 yd. machine-friendly spools.

For machine basting, nothing works as well as Vanish-Extra by Superior.
Vanish-Extra has enough strength to use in top and bobbin of your machine and it still disappears like magic when moistened. I use Vanish-Extra basting thread whenever I have a difficult machine quilting design that requires scrolling on my frame or when I want to make my hand quilting projects totally portable and need a basting job that will eliminate the need for a frame of any kind.

The folks at Superior are always willing to listen to suggestions and make every effort to satisfy quilters' needs at every level, from individual artist to professional quilter.

John Flynn


  1. I love all the colours SoFine comes in!

  2. What about piecing with this 50 wt thread? I am now concerned because I just bought 4 cones of So Fine and I am not a long arm quilter. I bought it to piece with. Think it will be ok? Thanks.