Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Bev Fullmer's Bag

Bev Fullmer, a member of our office staff has created a purse, incorporating several Superior Threads products.

First she treated the black fabric with Texture Magic.

Before Bev steamed the Texture Magic, she invited her husband, daughter, and 4 grandchildren into to room. They were so impressed, they immediately said "That was fun! Let's do that again! What else can we make with Texture Magic?"
Now her 10 year old granddaughter is brainstorming and coming up with Texture Magic projects in her mind.

"Decorative threads show up well when stitched together with Texture Magic," she said.

Bev also wanted to showcase Superior Silk Ribbon on the front of her purse.
Bev added, "When you work with Texture Magic, new ideas start bubbling in your brain and you want to do more and more. I'm already thinking of other patterns I want to use this with."

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