Thursday, October 15, 2009

School of Threadology Update

We have been working hard in anticipation of the opening of the School of Threadology this fall.
Ricci, who we have dubbed our "School Marm" has been busy registering participants, putting up design walls, ordering tables and chairs, stocking supplies and coordinating upcoming sessions.
We offer the most comprehensive School of this type in the world, with the purpose of education in all areas related to sewing, embroidery and quilting.

We have had many positive comments from our prior sessions:
"Love this seminar! Had a great time. The best courses involve working with the different threads and products - actual 'hands on' experience. Also enjoyed Heather's lecture showing the different fabrics with different threads and the effect that is created. Cindy Needham is a true gem - what a wealth of knowledge and very pleasant and helpful. Enjoyed the purse project with Annie. The new classrooms will be great!!! " ~ c.u.

"I was completely impressed with this seminar. I didn't know there was so much knowledge out there regarding threads and my machine. A whole new world of not only piecing and quilting threads has emerged, but now I'm confident in using your various decorative threads. I thank you and my customers thank you as well." ~ a.f.

The next session will be Nov. 11-13, 2009. Three days of fun and learning. John Flynn will be a guest teacher for one day and the other two days will be taught by Bob and Heather. Please check our website for more information on this seminar and future seminars.
For a more detailed description of this and other upcoming sessions, please check our calendar under the School of Threadology portion on our website.

Cost for this session: $295 per person. Includes three days of classes, printed materials, over $100 worth of thread, teacher fees, three lunches and two dinners. We have contracted with the Wingate Hotel for $79.00 a night which includes breakfast. They are located two minutes away and offer a free shuttle to our classroom.

Registration: Space is limited. You can register online or you can contact Ricci at:

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