Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Holy SuperBOB's

What's New?
Mother Superior's Holy SuperBOBs! (I think we were talking about Batman when we named this one.)

Mother Superior's Holy SuperBOBs contain a set of 35 colors of L-style SuperBOBs packed into a BobbinSaver donut. Each bobbin is 118 yds.
Made with The Bottom Line 60 wt. polyester. Very convenient for portability.
The Bottom Line is fantastic for hand and machine applique, bobbin thread, detailed top quilting thread, binding, and even dental floss.


  1. Great name. Love the colors.


  2. I have to have one! I love Bottom Line thread, and to have this for my hand applique work (take-along) would be wonderful. Will you have them for sale at your booth at the Quilting with Machines show in Aurora, OH, later this month?

  3. Love my super Bobs.