Monday, September 21, 2009

Black Thread Facts

Is black thread really weaker than the other colors? We get this question quite a bit. The answer is: black thread may be weaker than other colors if the thread has been overdyed.
**We guarantee that Superior Threads products are never overdyed.

Bottom Line #625 Black/ 60 wt. lint free polyester
Some companies put all the mis-dyed colors in a reject bin and then overdye them black. The excess amount of dye in these overdyed threads can cause the fibers to weaken.
We believe in offering only the finest quality products, manufactured under the most strict guidelines. We do not sell any seconds.

MasterPiece #161 Raven/ 60 wt. Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton.

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  1. Just curious...what do you do with products that do not meet your standards? Do you destroy them since you don't sell seconds?