Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Changing a Spool of Thread

Q. When changing a spool of thread on my sewing machine, is it best to clip the thread close to the spool and then pull the thread out downward through the needle rather than pulling it upward?

A. That is probably the better way, but not absolutely necessary if you are using a very good quality thread. A loosely twisted, low quality thread pulled backwards through the machine may cause problems but a smooth, tightly twisted quality thread will not cause damage.


  1. Hello,

    For piecing would you use Masterpiece in the bobbin as well as the top thread?

  2. I would definitely use MasterPiece in the bobbin & in the top for piecing. By far this is the best piecing thread I've ever used.


  3. I wouldn't use anything else in the bobbin if I were piecing with Masterpiece, but on another note, feel free to experiment with different top threads using Masterpiece in the bobbin (I'm referring to non-piecing projects). Sometimes I quilt using Masterpiece in the bobbin and King Tut on the top, depending on the look I'm going for. If I want the backing thread to really stand out as part of the design then I'll use King Tut in the bobbin as well as the top; which is why it's a good idea to invest in a second bobbin. Sometimes you need to do bobbin adjustments when you start experimenting with heavier bobbin threads, and to me it's easier to have a spare bobbin so that my main bobbin is always set to the threads I use the most (Bottom Line and Masterpiece).