Friday, September 11, 2009

Texture Magic Reps Wanted

Reps Wanted
Superior Threads is recruiting independent sales reps to introduce, demo and sell their popular new product, Texture Magic at local shops all over the world. We still need reps in all States and Provinces except:

New Hampshire
South Carolina

What is the role of a Texture Magic Rep?
Texture Magic is a very exciting product but, when only seen in a package the excitement and creative possibilities are not effectively communicated. What turns Texture Magic into a “must-have-I-can’t-wait-to-get-started-on-it” product is seeing and touching it in a project.
Superior Threads’ Texture Magic motto is: “Everyone who sees Texture Magic buys it.”

A Texture Magic Rep uses sample projects and a Demo Book to sell Texture Magic to stores and groups. The objective is to get Texture Magic in front of as many people as possible where they can see it and touch it in a project. When they see what it can do with fabric and touch the fabulous textures it creates they’ll want to buy it to create some of that wonderful “Texture Magic” for themselves.

If this sounds like a fun part time job, please contact for details and an application.

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  1. This job would be so cool, you get to sew!!!!
    Thanks Kent