Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Bow Tucks Bag

Our thanks today to Margaret Miller of St. George, Utah for her contribution to Texture Magic Tuesday.
Margaret has been using Texture Magic in a lot of her recent projects.

She recently made Bow Tucks Tote by Penny Sturges of Quilts Illustrated.

On the pocket of the tote, Margaret used a stipple stitch, and on the base she stitched a grid.

She has found using the June Tailor Grid Marker helpful in saving time.

Margaret liked her Bow Tucks Tote so much she made another as a gift.

On this one she put batting in the base, and felt it gave the purse a little more stability.

For the pocket she used a stipple stitch.
Margaret operates her own pattern design/longarm business Quilting Sew Unique.
*If you have projects made with Texture Magic, we would love to hear from you. Please send pictures and a description of your projects to nedra@superiorthreads.com

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  1. These are great! I'm glad Margaret showed how using different types of stitches produce very different results. I tend to stipple a lot because I like my fabric to be super textured, but I'm experimenting with a variety of stitches and grid patterns. I've made a small purse and now I'm working on a quilted journal using Texture Magic to make appliqued decorations on the front cover. The only problem I've been having with Texture Msgic is that I'm having so much fun experimenting with it that I'm not getting anything else done!