Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Superior Three-in-One Snippers

With Christmas only a few months away, it's time to be thinking of those gifts that all quilters love.
A great gift idea on our list is the Superior Three-in-One Snippers.

Longarmers especially enjoy using this multifunctional tool.
  • The SNIPPERS have sharp blades that clip the threads flush with the fabrics. The ergonomic design helps prevent hand fatigue.
  • The SEAM RIPPER has very sharp, high precision pointed tips that slip under the smallest of stitches, without damaging the fabric.
  • The extended points make a great AWL.
The Three-In-One Snippers comes with a cover to protect the precision tips and blades.
You can find our Snippers on our web site under accessories.


  1. I've seen longarmers using these at quilt shows and sharing how much they love them, but I've never seen where we can buy them. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to give them a try and I agree, they'd make a great gift!


  2. DO you know how long they might stay sharp and Can they be sharped???