Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Baby Blessing Dress

Do you want that heirloom look with out all the work? Our grandmothers would have been so happy to have Texture Magic.

A baby blessing dress shared from Nedra, one of our employees.
"I put Texture Magic on the yoke of the dress. Doesn't it look like I spent hours smocking?" she said.

First she applied Texture Magic to the back of a piece of silk and stitched together in a 1/4" grid system, and then steamed.

Within seconds the fabric began to shrink, giving it that wonderful textured look.

Next she cut out the yoke of the dress, and hand stitched beads intermittently between the folds.

Adding a little piece of Texture Magic to the cuff gives a perfect touch.

"It was so easy to construct this dress and it turned out looking like something out of an expensive boutique. I credit the result to Texture Magic that can make everything look like you've spent hours, when in reality, the process was fast. I made this dress in one day. It was that easy." Nedra said.


  1. WOW! What a cleaver way to use Texture Magic! It turned out so well...absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job, Nedra!

  2. I just bought my first texture magic; so, this question may be explained in the instructions. I really don't understand the 1/4 grid. Do you cut this into 1/4 inch strips and lay this on the back in 1/4 inch increments?

    I love this dress and want to make one similar!

  3. I have twin grandbabies coming this winter, a boy and a girl! I'm so excited about this blessing dress and I want to make it! I'm sure I can make a little suite for the boy using Texture Magic on the vest. I have high hopes for myself!

  4. This project is the most wonderful one yet featured! Just gorgeous!

  5. Awesome!!!! One will only be limited in the uses of Texture Magic by what one can dream up. I'm not that clever so I'll be looking here for ideas. I just bought some TM on my trip and am anxious to try it.

  6. This dress is so beautiful! I used to spend hours and hours smocking my girls blessing dresses, along with the bonnet and the booties. I can't believe how much time this would have saved me! I'll remember this when I'm a Grandma!