Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Threads For Clothes Construction

Our threads have many uses. One of our customers asked, "What is the best thread for clothing construction? Has everyone forgotten about us? Is there a thread for us please?"

We are happy to answer, "Yes, we have a fantastic thread for clothing construction."
I promise you will fall in love with So Fine.
Although the label says it is a quilting thread, it is a wonderful, all purpose construction thread. Use it both top and bottom to make smooth and accurate seams.
So Fine is a strong, soft, polyester, has no lint, and is available in 50 original colors, plus 50 NEW colors, plus 34 NEWEST colors. All these choices makes it so easy to match fabrics!
So Fine is also a wonderful serger thread, making soft and pliable seams.

#427 Nutmeg


  1. I was wondering what thread to use for my new serger, so this is very helpful. Do you have other good serging threads also? And will the smaller spools work for a serger? I hesitate to buy 4 large cones of a color that I need for just one project. Or for serging should I just always use either off-white or black? Just getting started with serging so I have a lot to learn.

  2. I really like so fine. It has less lint and good tensile strength. Nancy B

  3. I have used Bottom Line in my serger. I love it