Friday, September 25, 2009

Charlotte Warr Andersen's Recommendation

"The people at Superior are truly professionals in their field"

After many years creating pictorial quilts and using hand applique I now tend to do more machine work. Over the years, I have built an extensive thread collection to enable the processes I use, and products from Superior Threads have now come to the forefront of that collection.

The people at Superior are truly professionals in their field. They are well acquainted with the physics of thread and have helped me work through any problems and questions I have had. They have educated me about how thread is created, the purposes for which each thread is suited, and where it will best perform. I love the range of size, colors and characteristics of the threads Superior has produced and how they allow for wide variety in my work.

One of my favorite threads is Superior Metallic. I can do heavy embroideries with this thread and get fantastic results. I can make pieces that are as gloriously gaudy or strikingly simple as I want. I have made metallic embroideries that are dense with thread but yet are surprisingly supple.

And now, at my request, they have brought a new thread into their line. Charlotte's Fusible Web is a Superior fusible thread. I have been using fusible thread for many years and for a variety of purposes. I thought I knew all there was to know about the thread. But the staff at Superior Threads passed their knowledge along to me about the varying qualities of many brands of fusible threads available. I'm confident that Superior Threads Charlotte's Fusible Web will be the best fusible thread on the market and will give a light bond with great adhesion. Please look for ways to use Charlotte's Fusible Web on their website.

Charlotte Warr Andersen

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