Friday, September 18, 2009

Handy Nets

Are you looking for a great stocking stuffer for that special quilter in your life? Make sure to check out the Accessories section on our web site.
One item we can highly recommend are HandyNets.

Smooth, lint-free threads are wonderful but they can also be slippery. When using cones of smooth and slippery threads like Rainbows, Brytes, or metallic, place a HandyNet over the cone to prevent the thread from sliding down and puddling at the bottom of the cone.
Leave the net on the cone as you use it.

Recommended for both longarm and home machines (when using cones with a thread stand). The net also makes a great storage device to prevent unwinding.
HandyNets can be purchased in a package of a dozen or a pack of 100 nets.