Friday, September 4, 2009

Should I Use a 2-Ply or a 3-Ply Thread When Piecing?

Does it really matter if we use a 2-ply or 3-ply thread for piecing?

*MasterPiece is a 50 weight, 2-ply Extra-long staple Egyptian Cotton available in 59 colors.

If the strength is sufficient and a very fine thread is desired, a 2-ply thread will make a nicer seam. A 3-ply thread may be stronger but also heavier.
When piecing, we usually use a short stitch length. This short stitch makes a strong seam and therefore a quality 2-ply thread is perfectly fine to use.
Of course, a 3-ply thread would also be OK, but it will add more bulk to the seam.

Choose piecing thread wisely. Processing is as important as the raw material. The thread should be extremely smooth with no slubs and very little fuzz or lint. Avoid glazed, coated or waxed threads in your machine.

We also offer MasterPiece pre-wound bobbins in 37 beautiful colors.

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